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Svetlana Zadorozhnaya

Telephone 64 09 5506193

Mobile 64 211 651179

Email svetnzimmigration@gmail.com

Website http://www.nzimmigrationconsultants.co.nz

Licence Status CURRENT
Additional licence status details
A licensed immigration adviser with a current licence is permitted to provide immigration advice in line with the code of conduct

Licences are valid for one year.
Expiry Date 15 November 2018
Licence history
Licence renewed on 16 November 2017
Licence renewed on 16 November 2016
Licence renewed on 16 November 2015
Licence renewed on 16 November 2014
Licence upgraded to full licence on 16 November 2013
Provisional licence issued on 16 November 2012
Relationship to Organisation Director

 Licence Number



Business address

Unit 13 49 Sainsbury Rd
Mt Albert
Auckland 1346
New Zealand

Service address

25 Homewood Pl
Auckland 0626
New Zealand

Postal address

New Zealand Immigration Consultants
PO BOX 41-027
St. Lukes
Auckland 1346
New Zealand