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Mijin Kim

Mobile 64 21 0463 121


Licence Status REFUSED
Additional licence status details
To obtain and hold a licence, advisers will have to meet competency standards, adhere to a code of conduct, pay any relevant fees and/or levies, and be 'fit' to practise. An applicant's personal history will be considered, including criminal convictions, immigration offences, bankruptcy or other issues that might make them unsuitable to provide immigration advice and receive a licence.

Should an applicant not meet these conditions, they may be refused a licence (refused applicants have the right to appeal to the Registrar of Immigration Advisers).

All refused applicants must be listed on the register of immigration advisers.

For more information, see sections 18-21 and section 78 of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.
Expiry Date 21 December 2016
Licence history
Licence refused on 04 February 2016
Licence cancelled on 22 December 2015
Licence renewed on 21 December 2015
Licence renewed on 22 December 2014
Licence renewed on 22 December 2013
Licence upgraded to full licence on 22 December 2012
Provisional licence issued on 22 December 2011
Relationship to Organisation Self-employed

 Licence Number



Business address

NZ Visa & Education Consulting Ltd
37 Pencaitland Drive
Flat Bush
Auckland 2019
New Zealand

Service address

37 Pencaitland Drive
Flat Bush
Auckland 2019
New Zealand

Postal address

PO Box 6483
Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141
New Zealand